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Providing tips since 2015

About The Football Guru

After three successful years on the Betting Gods platform The Football Guru has branched out on it's own.

The number one ranked football tipster on Confident Bets and Honest Betting Review and top performing tipster on the Betting Gods platform in 2018 The Football Guru has proved its worth and long term viability.

Over £7000 of profit in 6 years at £10 per point has ensured many happy bettors.


708.85 pts

Total Profit (pts)



Total Profit (£)


Strike Rate

5.15  %




Average Monthly Profit

How does it work?

Selections are emailed each evening, usually between 10pm and midnight for games the following day giving plenty of time to place your bets.

Membership is available for monthly, quarterly and annual terms. There are no recurring payments so you don't have to worry about cancelling if you do not wish to make the next payment. Those wishing to continue can simply subscribe for another period. You will be emailed when your membership is approaching the expiry date.

Starting Bank

A starting bank of 150pts is recommended for The Football Guru. 

What is a Starting Bank ? Click here for more detailed information.

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